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Horse Bet Racing Horse racing is an equestrian sport that has a long history. Which dates back to the ancient Babylon...
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Devil Fall The devil are over the place. They are evil and need to be destroyed in order to protect the little...
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Diamond Gems Make 3 or more gem of the same shape in line or group to remove them of the stage. Swap the gem arou...
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Equinox Solitaire Build the foundations up in suit from Ace to King. Tableaus build down in rank regardless of suit. E...
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Lucky Card Are you an apprentice in divination or a powerful fortune teller? Claim yourself the professional ti...
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Auld Lang Syne Solitaire Build up foundations regardless of suit from Ace to King. There are 3 redeals and 5 levels.
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Star Video Poker Video poker is a casino game based on five-card draw poker.
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Sir Tommy Solitaire Build up 4 foundations regardless of suit from Ace to King. There are 5 levels.
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SevenEight In 78 you got to make as many hands as you can to post a WIN over your opponent. To get a hand the o...
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Mugalon Poker Great 3D Poker Tables with real Players in multiplayer mode. Become the Poker King in our Arena. For...
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Blackjack-s Blackjack-s is a new take on a classic game. The goal is to get your card limit to 21 without going...
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