Restoration Of Old Video Arcade Machine

Restoration Of Old Video Arcade Machine

About The Machine

This Video Arcade Machine has been sitting around for about 13 years . Wandering around the tip shop one day and spotted 4 video games sitting nicely in a row. From memory , i bought the 4 of them for $100 even tho 2 of them were missing the control panels.

My Nightmare begins

When I started looking at it, I thought peice of cake, until I started looking at the video arcade machine. Monitor missing, power supply and control panel not belonging to the machine.

Decided from this point to rewire the machine from scratch. Starting at the control panel.

Lucky I had bought two full wiring looms few years back. Once I had the control panel sorted. I placed it in the machine after I gutted the old wiring


and wired the rest.

Mounting the monitor 

I have done this heaps of times. I recycled and old aluminium clothes line for the metal. I drilled holes in it to use monitor mount on rear of the screen.

Sit it in the machine and screw it in.

Once I’m at this point,¬† I make a new screen surrounding to hide edges. I used the old one to measure and order new surrounding. Then measure and cut new hole. Then I just painted it black. I used 9mm ply wood for this build.

Power supply

Power supply was my next problem. I knew I had one but couldn’t find it. So off to ebay and a weeks wait. When it arrived I mounted it in its original position.


The test


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